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How we can help

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How we can help

At MSD, we have developed services to support you in implementing and optimising your Oncology pathways and tools to support with capacity challenges that you may be facing in your hospitals.

Scroll down to read about our three services: the pathway development programme, to optimise and implement pathways, the capacity insight tool, to model demand in chemo units and the capacity workshop, to plan for future demand.

Collaborative working

Innovation projects:

We have a dedicated team who develop bespoke innovative projects co-created with the NHS to optimise patient pathways or expand NHS capacity, in order to improve meeting cancer wait times.

Pathway development programme:

We also have dedicated teams who can work with you to optimise and implement cancer pathways tailored to any challenges you may be facing in your hospital to improve care and management for your patients.

Capacity insight tool

This tool is designed to help you better visualise the impact of current and future demands. We do this by building a model of local cancer treatment services, identifying key issues and adjusting parameters to make it meaningful to your NHS hospital trust.

Capacity workshop

Designed to help you plan and prioritise for the future demands for treating patients with cancer within your hospital. This workshop with our experts can support you in understanding your current capacity challenges and how you can plan for the future.

Capacity workshop

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Talk to one of the team about challenges you’re facing and find out how we can help

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